Agricultural Contracting - Grass Re-seeding

With 280 Friesian Cows of his own to manage, and a contracting business, Martin can quite rightly claim to know more than a little about grassland management. Martin is either sowing grass, mowing grass or injecting grass with what the cows have made from eating grass!


The business's grass sowing service is a recent addition - Key to it has been the purchase of a six metre Twose tined grass harrow fitted with a Horstine Farmery pneumatic grass seeder unit - the Multiseeder.
This system enables the sowing of grass seed accurately in a wide range of conditions by mixing the seed in with the top few millimetres of soil.
Martin Evans Contracting can offer a complete service from Ploughing, Power Harrowing, Drilling and Pressing.
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As an experiment on his own farm - which if successful could be included in the services he offers customers - Martin used the Horstine and Twose unit to overseed about 10 acres of grassland - sowing seed into an existing ley. The field was first grazed tightly and topped before being raked and raked again to pull out all the dead material. This enabled the ground to be opened up and allowed the tines to make contact with the soil and cover the grass seed.
Martin says he is "quietly confident we shall see some benefits, if it works it will have been an economical exercise - I estimate the costs are about a third that of ploughing and cultivating - and that would be of interest to my customers!"
Watch this space!

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